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A vineyard : Château Montreuil Bellay - Tasting and sales on site - online purchase

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Place des Ormeaux - 49260 Montreuil Bellay - France

A charming hotel : Le Relais du Bellay, Hotel *** Spa, swimming pool and private parking in front of the Castle
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Entrances rue du Château and 96 rue Nationale - 49260 Montreuil Bellay - France


Some lines of a glorious story :

The first citadel is built in the eleventh century by Foulque Nerra, Count of Anjou, on the foundations of a Roman oppidum. A tireless warrior, an insatiable builder, Foulque Nerra, known as the Black Falcon, belongs to the narrow circle of the faithful of the King of France, Hughes Capet.

From his descendants was born the Plantagenet dynasty which reigns over England from 1154 to 1485, and in particular: Geoffroy Plantagenet, Henry II Plantagenet and his wife Aliénor of Aquitaine, Richard Coeur de Lion, Jean without Land ... Some of their are located at Fontevraud Abbey.

Foulques Nerra entrusts the citadel to his vassal Giraud Berlay, become Bellay, and Montreuil-Bellay gains its reputation of impregnable place on the front of the struggles between the throne of Angletere and the crown of France. It will take a seat of three years, between 1148 and 1151, to allow Geoffroy Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, to reduce the resistance against him Giraud II Berlay.

The attachment of the Berlay to the crown of France leads King Philip Augustus in 1208 and King Louis VIII in 1224 to hold their court at the Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay.

In the thirteenth century, Montreuil-Bellay, surrounded by the immense forests of the Seigneurie, is a great center of vennery and falconry. The sumptuous festivals are multiplying.

In the fourteenth century begins the Hundred Years War. Hungry people take refuge in the moats of the Castle and in neighboring monasteries, while the Lord of Montreuil-Bellay, William de Melun-Tancarville dies gloriously in 1415 at the Battle of Azincourt. His grandson, Guillaume d'Harcourt, marries Yolande de Laval, sister-in-law of King René.

Henry II of Orleans, Duke of Longueville, inherits the Castle. Ambassador, he signed in 1648 the Treaty of Westphalia which puts an end to the Thirty Years War. His wife, Geneviève de Condé, instigator of the Fronde with her brother, the Grand Condé, is forced by Louis XIV to exile behind the walls of his castle of Montreuil-Bellay. She leads with her many admirers, including La Rochefoucault and Turenne, to be bored.

The Wars of Religions burst forth: Catholics and Protestants will come to supply each other with arms and ammunition at Montreuil-Bellay.

During the Revolution, Jean-Britain of La Trémoille, Lord of Montreuil-Bellay, remains faithful to King Louis XVI. His heavy Marshal's charge keeps him away from his castle, which will be requisitioned and transformed into a prison for monarchist women.

After the Revolution, the Château was bought by a wealthy merchant from Saumur, whose daughter married Baron Alexandre Adrien de Grandmaison, an officer in the custody of Charles X. They restored the castle to their nephew Georges Grandmaison, great-grandson of General Mouton, Count of Lobau, Marshal of France, aide-de-camp of the Emperor Napoleon 1st.

Georges de Grandmaison, mayor of Montreuil-Bellay for 16 years and parliamentarian of the district of Saumur for nearly half a century, opens the castle to the wounded of the War of 14-18. Nearly 1,200 soldiers will be treated in this unusual hospital.

The Castle still belongs to the same family, who strives to maintain it to share its glorious history and beauty.



The visit of the interiors is a commented walk of 55 minutes in history. Our guides have been selected for their skill and passion. They will take you to the central kitchen in a unique format, in the vaulted cellars that support the Château and in which the Confraternity of the Knights of Sacavin was enthroned, in the dining room where are evoked the feats of arms of Marshal Lobeau , companion of the Emperor Napoleon, in the chamber of the Duchess of Orleans Longueville, erudite cousin of King Louis XIII and sister of the Grand Condé, in the large salon adorned with magnificent tapestries where will be evoked Queen Margot which remains the chest of trip, in the music room illuminated by an exceptional crystal chandelier of Venice and will end with the majestic staircase of honor that the illustrious occupants of these places could ride on horseback and where appears the charming portrait of Georges de Grandmaison, parliamentary of Anjou for more than fifty years.

The discovery of the gardens, suspended above the Thouet as if by magic, is done without accompaniment. The visitor wanders freely along a path lined with educational panels illustrated for use by adults and children. He climbs the narrow steps that lead him on the walkway, makes a stop in the logis of the canons where are exposed very beautiful photographs on the esoteric language of the carved figures of the ceilings of the castle.



The secret is well kept. Nestled in the shelter of a fortified wall of 600 meters flanked by 13 defense towers, the citadel consists of a barbican at the outposts, an old castle locking access to the courtyard, a new unfinished castle at the end of the 100 years war, a monumental central kitchen for the service of the 400 soldiers who occupied it and the Logis of the 4 canons who served the Collegiate Church.

You can enjoy a moment of rest in the high garden and take a look at the low garden bordering the Thouet.


The guided visit of the furnished interiors, enamelled with anecdotes and historical landmarks, will enchant you. Our guides will transport you in time: kings, queens and important people who lived or stayed in this Castle will accompany you in the cellars, the kitchen, the lounges, the dining room etc ...



We have a vineyard of 16 hectares in Cabernet Franc, Chenin and Chardonnay.

This is how our winemaker develops in our historic cellars of the 15th century with patience and passion for still wines and sparkling wines in AOP Saumur (red, white and rosé) and Crémant de Loire (white and rosé) under the brand Château Montreuil Bellay.

Our frequently rewarded wines can be tasted and purchased on site. You can also get them on our secure online purchase site :
Tel: +33 (0)


The hotel Relais Le Relais du Bellay *** is a member of the Logis de France network. It has 22 rooms ; 12 of them have a bird's eye view of the castle facing them.

It has private parking closed at night, a heated outdoor swimming pool open to the beautiful days, a jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna, as well as an equipped gym.

On simple phone call, the management of the establishment can offer you a personalized welcome.
Tel. +33 (0)

Located on a promontory of limestone rock, the Château is reflected in the water mirror of Thouet. It emerges the irresistible scent of a romantic nostalgia.

It is delicious to walk there as if to go on an adventure, to discover the architectural heritage of the city


Opening to the visit from Monday 1st April to Sunday 3rd November 2019 as indicated below :

Month of April, May and June 2019 :
Open every day, except Tuesday, from 10:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00
Unique visit in the morning at 10:45 - Departure of visits according to affluence in the afternoon
Tasting and sale of the Domaine's wines :

Month of July and August 2019 :
Open every day, without exception, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:3
Departure of the visits according to affluence the morning and the afternoon
Tasting and sale of the Domaine's wines :

Month of September 2019 :
Open every day, except Tuesday, from 10:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00
Unique visit in the morning at 10:45 - Departure of visits according to affluence in the afternoon
Tasting and sale of the Domaine's wines :

From October 1st to November 3rd, 2019 :
Open every day, except Tuesdays, from 10:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30, but:
On weekdays in the morning : access to the only gardens - Tasting - sale of the wines of the Domain
On weekdays in the afternoon : visits of the interiors and exteriors - Tasting - sale of the wines of the Domain
Week-end morning and afternoon : visits - Tasting - sale of the Domaine's wines :



The visit of the interiors is guided. It includes the unaccompanied visit of the gardens.
The tasting of the Domaine's wines is offered to amateurs.

Entrance fees are as follows :

Adults : € 12,00
Families (*) : 15% discount
The Incontournables (**) : € 10,80
Groups of 8 adults and more : € 10,80
Groups of 25 or more adults : € 10,00
Students and school children aged 15 to 25 : € 10.00
Children from 6 to 14 years : € 6.50
Children under 6 years old : Free

(*) 2 adults and at least 2 paying miners - not cumulative benefit
(**) See the "Partnerships" tab

Access to the gardens exclusively, without accompanying or visiting the interiors :
€ 6.50 all ages
Free under 6 years old




The Château is closed to individual visits since November 5, 2018. It will reopen on April 1, 2019.

During the offseason, visits may be organized by reservation (Tel : +33 (0) for groups of more than 25 people.

The sale of the wines of the property is always possible during the offseason. It is however prudent to call the Château (Tel : +33 (0) to ensure the presence of the staff at the time of your passage.

Otherwise, you can buy the wines of the Property at the same conditions at the Relais du Bellay *** Hotel Spa located rue du Château, facing it (Tel : +33 (0)


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The Château de Montreuil Bellay is a member of the "Châteaux de la Loire - Vallée des Rois" Association. It brings together 80 exceptional sites presented in a single call document distributed over 600,000 copies throughout the Loire Valley. This document can also be consulted on the internet.


The Château de Montreuil Bellay, the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, the Château de Brézé and the Château de Montsoreau, four of the jewels of the Saumurois, have come together to encourage your cultural thirst. Upon presentation of the entrance ticket in any of these four sites, you are offered a special price advantage at the ticket office of the following site. Inquire at the checkout of your first purchase. Get the flyer available at each of the member sites.



You can buy your entrance tickets directly at the cash desk of Château de Montreuil Bellay. However, if you prefer to book your visit and buy your tickets in advance, you can get them online on the Patrivia website or on the MyTravelPass website.



Château de Montreuil Bellay has been awarded a double quality label for its wine offer:


The label "Vignobles et découvertes" is awarded for a period of 3 years by Atout France, after recommendation of the Superior Council of Oenotourism, to a destination for tourism and wine offering a range of multiple and complementary tourism products (accommodation, catering , cellar visit and tasting, museum, event ...) and to guide the visitor on qualified services.

The label "Caves touristiques" is recognized by the Loire Valley wine trade association to tourism stakeholders who have adhered to a common welcome charter and a specific quality approach.



Near the Château de Montreuil Bellay : between 15 and 40 minutes drive



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Place des Ormeaux - 49260 Montreuil-Bellay - France

+33 (0)2 41 52 33 06


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